Unique Barn Door

The barn door style is gaining more popularity in homes not only because it can save space, but also because such pieces can be used in several ways. For instance, these types of doors are wonderful alternatives if you want something that’s rustic and strong, yet elegant. Such huge doors are also considered as Earth-friendly options, especially those that are made from repurposed wood.

Unique Barn Door

Sliding Into Style

These days, barn doors can be found in many posh apartments or homes. More and more people prefer them because of so many reasons. For one, most repurposed doors are quite unique and they exude that country and comfy feel. As for those who prefer pieces made of modern materials, they can opt for fiberglass doors or those that are also made partly of wood. These kinds of doors are very sturdy and are quite easy to mount without having to redesign or resize existing door frames. Moreover, you can use barn doors as room dividers too and smaller ones can be utilized as window panels.

Customizing Barn Doors

People will definitely know you a bit more if your home is made of custom pieces that convey your preferences and personality, and being surrounded with personalized items can really make you feel more at home. But how do you customize huge bard doors? Here are a few ideas.

Choose Unique Roller Straps

If you want to give your barn door some style, you can opt for distinct roller straps, such as those with horse, spade or fleur-de-lis patterns. There are also thousands of modern designs for those who prefer a more clean or stark look. In case you really want something that is custom-made, many barn door companies can actually create the roller straps that you prefer based on your own designs. To further customize your straps, you can choose a unique finish for these as well.

Opt For Recycled Doors

Barn doors that come from old farm houses can be really unique, and they also have a story. If you’re looking for a nice barn door for your home, be on the lookout for repurposed doors. These usually come from farms that are going to be demolished. Most of the time, the doors on such structures are still quite sturdy, and you can use these. Instead of wood going to waste, you can restore an old barn door and you’ll also ease your conscience knowing that you helped the environment in some way.

Select An Exceptional Finish

Varnish can be used if you prefer to highlight the natural color of wood. Aside from varnishing or using tints that are closer to the color of natural timber, you can also opt for other kinds of finishes. Different colors of paints are available, from shiny ones to those that give a surface a matte look.

 Go For A Distinctive Barn Door Handle

 Give an ordinary barn door a unique appearance by using custom-made door handles. You can create your own design and have someone make it for you, or hire an expert who can bring your drawings or ideas to life. Naturally, an item that’s specially made for you will also cost more. If you prefer something cheaper, there are companies that allow you to choose the color or finish of your hardware and maybe have you add a few details too at a more reasonable price.