Sell Your Property

For many decades, real estate purchasing and selling followed a fairly consistent set of processes. Then came the Internet, with its search engines, its social media, and its devices!

Like pretty much every other industry, real estate was changed forever by the Web, and mostly for the better. Below are five methods of capitalizing on the new capabilities and trends if you want to sell your property online and quickly.

Sell Your Property

1. List Your Website On Every Sign And Arrow

Whether it’s your professional Realtor’s website or a simple page you set up on Facebook or on a blogging platform, make sure the URL is on every sign and flyer you put out there.

The value of this practice was once marginal, because people had to return home to desktop computers to get access to the information. But now, with smartphones as well as connectable tablets, potential buyers can go to any website via their smartphones immediately.

And you can capture that interest, as well as their contact information, if they decide to give it to you!

2. Take Great Photos

Hiring a professional photographer is one of the secret tips that the ultra-luxury real estate marketers have always known and employed.

3. Put A Quality Walk-Through On Youtube Or Facebook

Or both. Video is free, your HD tablet camera or phone camera is perfectly capable of shooting it, and it’ll save everyone time.

4. Speak Of The Upsides, Not The Downsides

People are increasingly nervous about whether the value of their real estate will rise or fall. If you speak of the upsides of your area, and its growing popularity, you’ll give interested parties a sense of comfort as well as appreciation and stability.

5. Be More Specific

There was a time when being a one-size-fits-all brand or product made a lot of sense. It made sense when customers had difficulty finding you, and competitors had to go to great expense to advertise.

Both of those aspects have changed. It’s now much easier for customers to find the type of information they’re looking for, and it’s quite inexpensive for advertisers to reach them.

So what’s the best strategy now? Be very, very specific. If you have a home in New York City, make sure you make even more specific references to where it’s actually situated.

If you make it clear that your property is located in the West Harlem Manhattan ville area, you’ll not only attract the right buyers, but also the best agents in that area, who will have access to those laser-focused real estate shoppers.