best classic cars

For people who are learning to drive, their thoughts turn automatically towards which car will have the honor of being their first. With so many modern options to choose from, selecting a classic car is an option which some young drivers turn to. With many different shapes and sizes available in the classic car world, choosing a vintage option (rather than just an old one) could well be the ideal entry point into the world of motoring. For many who love the idea of driving and who love their cars, a classic model is the perfect choice for those taking their first steps towards motoring independence.

best classic cars

All Shapes and Sizes

One of the chief criticisms leveled at modern vehicles is that they all look alike. The typically first car for many is a simple hatchback, and even when still embarking upon a driving theory test, many drivers turn their thoughts to owning a dull shapeless box. Choosing from among the best classic cars in London however, opens up a world of possibilities. Not every classic vehicle is an expensive E-Type. Everything from a classic Mini to a Land Rover Defender could be considered a classic and could well be a great choice for anyone’s first vehicle. The wealth of classic option available puts the modern offerings to shame.

Simple Mechanisms

As is the case with many older cars, the machinery of the classics is nowhere near the complexity of modern vehicles. While this might mean that you have to forgo a fitted DVD player, it does mean that the added simplicity of the vehicle can make repairs a great deal easier. When it comes to truly classic vehicle, there is a wealth of knowledge and community built up around their ownership. This makes everything from changing the oil to fitting new spark plugs far easier. As such, many owners find that they develop a greater bond with their car, especially if they are able to take out their own personal Haynes manual and perform their own light maintenance.

A Part of History

For many owners of classic cars, one of the chief benefits is that you are able to drive around in your own small slice of motoring history. A vintage vehicle is representative of a time and a place, a certain era which has past. Because of this, the popularity of older vehicles is greater than it has ever been. As a first car, owning a classic not only connects you to this history but it differentiates you from the crowd. With the standard vehicle ownership revolving around mundane sedan and hatchbacks, a classic car and mark you out from the crowd from the very start.

Care and Attention

One noticeable difference between owning a new and a classic car is the care and attention which the older option may require. When first time drivers pass their test, those who opt for an older vehicle might find that the car is in fact older than they are. This is dully demonstrative of the diligence which should be required to own any vehicle, but in older cars is can become more obvious. For those who are willing to put in the time and effort into owning one of the best classic cars, it can be a wonderful option for a driver of any age.