In today’s age, it was a woman at least has more than five pairs of shoes in the closet. How we love shoes! To love is to know how to clean and care for her as well right. With so “in love” we are so last longer. Follow the way!


Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes can be cleaned with a toothbrush, warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use detergent with bleach if your shoe color. If you are exposed mud canvas shoes, do not immediately washed away. Let the muds dry out so you can get rid of the dirt more easily. Once the shoes free of mud, then you can brush to remove stains shoe still attached.

Suede Shoes

Clean your suede shoes with a special cleaning spray suede leather and soft suede brush. Brush one way to make your skin look good. If your shoes are stained, you may use a pencil eraser. Mud and dust can be cleaned with a brushes while the shoes in a dry state.

When your suede shoes get wet, you should wet the entire shoe and then clean it with a brush. When storing, wrap your shoes with a soft paper and then enter a shoe box. Do not wrap it in plastic, yes!

Shoe Leather

You know how to make you shine leather shoes with shoe polish? Tips to keep in mind is to make sure you shine shoes when shoes dry. Shoes that will not absorb wet polish perfectly.

You can also use olive oil instead of shoe polish. The trick? Simply squirt a little oil on the damp towel and immediately wipe your shoes with the towel. Shoe shine your skin at least once a month, yes!

When you exfoliate skin shoes, tape the back part of it with glue smeared with a light brush. Once the glue, reinforced with the help of pressure lekatannya pen (the middle). In order to keep good form of leather shoes, preferably fouled with wedge shoes or white paper.

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent shoes (leather shoes with a glossy coating), need special care. Do not dip boots in the water, but use a damp cotton cloth that has been mixed with soap to wipe the shoes. Wipe shoes both inside and outside. Use soap because soap excessive enough to be absorbed by the shoe and make it easily damaged. Let shoes air dry naturally.

Once dry, you can polish it with conditioner to make it look shiny shoes. To make your shoes durable and waterproof, you can give a wax or polish as the final stage.

Basic Tips

  • Make sure you unlace your shoes before cleaning shoes.
  • You can use wet wipes to clean the soles of shoes in a flash.
  • If the shoe soles coated fiber rope (model wedges), wipe with a super soft toothbrush with warm water. Brush slowly and direction so that the fiber is not broken.
  • We recommend that you install wedge shoes (shoe tree) before drying, so it does not change the shape of shoes. You can also use white paper / toilet tissue as obstacles.

Smelly Goodbye!

Your shoes smell? Use baking soda to make your shoes smell well again. Simply sprinkle baking soda into the shoes and boots shake to make sure the baking soda evenly. Let stand one evening shoes with baking soda in it and remove it from the shoes the next day. Your shoes did not stink anymore