Even the most successful entrepreneurs often have a difficult first couple of years before they can get on their feet and really start making big moves, and for the not so successful it is this initial period that breaks them. If you have a small business that is struggling to attract clients, consider these few tips to help get you out of the rut and on your way to better things.


Work On Your Website

Doing some Google searching and then stumbling upon a particular website is how a majority of people will first come in contact with a company. This is the case for even the larger companies out there, so if a small business is to become successful you will need to create an appealing website. Of course, e-commerce websites are a good strategy for small business owners since they provide you with the least expensive way of plying your wares to the broader public. If a DIY approach is what you are after, then WordPress is the right thing for you – it provides the user with an intuitive and easy to use interface, and enables you to make changes to your website without too much hassle and looking at endless lines of code. A few plugins here and there, some clicking around and you can have a decent website. You have an excellent ready to go e-commerce plugins, like WooCommerce and you can get a great number of beautiful and functional themes for around $40-$50.

Consider Outsourcing

It can make things much cheaper and easier for you to simply have someone else do the work for you. You can outsource IT services, application development services, customer help desk services, production and a variety of other things, while you can relax and focus on more important issues. This means less money and time spent on getting the product to the market, which is what every businessman wants.

Update Your Software

Let’s say you own a small restaurant or bar.  The customer wants to order, but has a few requests regarding the standard menu item – perhaps they want a particular cocktail that is not on the menu or are allergic to nuts and want them left out of a dish – how are you going to process this order? The answer to this type of problem is to update your POS software. Having the latest software will save you a lot of time and effort, and will help you avoid mistakes and mix-ups. Just be sure to buy business software and hardware from the same company, as you want them to be fully compatible.

Invest in Marketing

This is where many entrepreneurs drop the ball. You need to get your name out there, get people to start talking about you and spark some genuine interest. Marketing can take many forms, from active social media marketing, viral marketing and TV ads to billboards, promotional products and sponsoring live events. Thinking outside the box is what counts here and you can even save some money if you come up with creative ways to raise brand awareness.

Take These Tips And Run With Them

Be creative and keep up with the times if you don’t want to be left behind. It takes a bit of patience and a lot of hard work to get the ball rolling, but if you can weather the storm, things get easier down the road.